A deck stair calculator – that’s the thing that can help you save time and money in this project.  Time can be saved because that calculator can give you rough estimates of the stair materials needed.  It can help you save money because you will be able to minimize material wastage.

My Own Experience

The first time I made use of a calculator of this kind, I felt really thankful.  With those estimates, the calculator was able to spare me a big part of the planning task.  And beyond that, I felt more confident about doing the task.  I also felt sure that I was not going to make a lot of the common mistakes people do with carpentry jobs.  To top it all, I didn’t have to ask people the usual questions.  I finished the job on my own.  There’s no describing how much that online calculator has helped me.

Deck Stair Calculator Websites

Visit deck builders’ websites.  They usually feature calculators that online searchers can use.  Now, they have not only calculators for deck stair materials.  They have calculators for estimating materials for other areas of deck building projects such as the concrete for the deck footing, joist spanning, flooring, railing and baluster, and beams.

Now, if you are just focusing on the stair, you have to be prepared with the measurements of the following:  step run or tread type and deck joist.  You also have to decide ahead what kind of stringer attachment – outside frame, inside frame or outside flush outside frame.

About The Suggested Materials

Now, you will be directed to input the measurements and the kind of frame you have in mind.  After clicking the “calculate” button, you will see a screen showing the estimates of the materials.  But the numbers there are based on the stair diagram that you can see there.  You will have to do a little of multiplication or division depending on the number of steps that you want to have for your deck stair.

Does A Deck Stair Calculator Give Estimates Of Costs Of Materials?

The first time I used a calculator of this kind, I was expecting that the calculator will give me a rough estimate of the total cost or the cost of each material.  Unfortunately, it did not.  I found composite deck calculators that estimate total cost, but I don’t need total-cost computation.  I want a calculator that can give me the price of each material such as screws, hidden fasteners, etc.

You will have to contact the deck builder company running that website to inquire for the prices.  If this inquiry goes well, then you can also order the materials online.  For that, look for a website that offers free delivery of materials.

Now, if your conversation with the company does not go well or they sound unreliable, move to the next website.  There are thousands of these companies that are advertising and operating online so choose the best.  Ask your relatives and friends if they know some reliable websites.

Both For Neophytes And Seasoned Carpenters

finished_deckI’ve done a lot of carpentry since my younger years.  For that, you can consider me a seasoned carpenter already.  I’m sure I work faster than most carpenters, but that online calculator had tripled my normal speed.  I strongly recommend the use of a deck stair calculator and other deck building calculators for both neophytes and seasoned carpenters.

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